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Journey To Love

40 letters dedicated to Love

by Booker Snow

Years ago, Booker planted a seed of love. He expressed his feelings to his high school crush. This seed traveled through peaks and valleys in an abyss of uncertainty. He was provided the opportunity to examine and question life. He accepted the lessons and gain clarity about love. What this seed grew into was a better understanding of self, purpose and the possibilities brought about when one is authentic in the devotion to loving self and others. What became of this seed sewn so long ago is a beautiful blossom of love letters written in a collection of poems.
Booker’s debut publication, ‘Journey to Love’ is the consummation of a love seed that was 20 years in the making. This first collection of poems represents the raw beginnings of admiration and acceptance of love’s journey, mused and delivered within 40 dedicated letters.

Mind Your Business



ft. Sove Reign x ReeCee Rap

October 21st, 2021, look out for East Paw Snow's new single release 'Mind Your Business' produced by Ron Styles featuring Sove Reign and ReeCee Raps. Distributed through Sony Orchard Music Group.
East Paw partnered with new director Ed O'Neil to create visuals that were wonderfully captured by Ron Styles for the music video that will also be released for viewing on October 21st, 2021. Although this was Ed's first time as a lead Director, he wonderfully executed telling a compelling story that flows with the lyrics from East Paw and Sove.
The lead actors on 'Mind Your Business' are Anyha Shamille and Hip Hop artist Beach Boy Young.
'Mind Your Business' is a raw and gritty song and video that reminds people that it's best to mind their own business and not get caught up creating issues that never existed before they got involved.



Zeroed Out Entertainment

East Paw Snow is the alter ego of the eclectic multi-hyphenate American entertainer Booker Snow. As a self-proclaimed voice for the voiceless, East Paw Snow's art encourages people to be more transparent, courageous and comfortable in sharing their thoughts regarding various emotions and experiences. His Motown roots has gifted him with a natural passion for entertainment from an early age. East Paw Snow’s edgy storytelling and compelling subject matter, exposes him as a transparent artist who can trigger a sincere introspective response in his listeners.



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